13 April 2011, 11:30 a.m. | South Sudan Future in the Balance?

South Sudan is experiencing a surge of violence just two months after the South Sudanese voted overwhelmingly in favour of secession - raising concern that independence won’t ultimately bring peace. The January 2011 peaceful referendum left issues such as oil-sharing, borders and citizenship unresolved - bringing to the fore the dispute over the country's oil-rich area of Abyei as a very urgent issue on the negotiation table, ahead of the official announcement of south Sudan's separation in July. 

Recent fighting between rebellious militias and the southern army - the Sudan People's Liberation Army - is fuelling speculation of renewed war. Hundreds of southerners are estimated to have died in the recent clashes. In addition,  troops from Khartoum are moving into the region just north of Abyei.

Rebels unite against the southern government

Rebel militias in Southern Sudan have formed a new armed movement against their southern government. Lead by renegade ...

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