22 July 2010, 01:00 p.m. | More tourists for Mozambique after World Cup

Many World Cup Tourists also visited Mozambique 

In one of the first signs that the 2010 World Cup was beneficial to the greater Southern Africa, Mozambique has reported a significant increase in tourist figures.


According to figures released by the Mozambican government more than 50 000 tourists who travelled to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup also visited Mozambique. 


24% Growth

According to the Mozambican newspaper, Noticias, just over 250 000 tourists visited Mozambique during June – 50 000 more than last year. This figure represents a growth of 24%. 


"The initial forecast was that the country would receive a number corresponding to 10 percent of the 450 000 tourists who would travel to South Africa during the World Cup," Mozambican director of tourism Martinho Matxiwa said he added that Mozambique benefitted immensely from South Africans flocking to the tropical beaches of the country to escape the soccer madness in ...

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