6 July 2010, 02:00 p.m. | More vuvu bans as plastic trumpet increase in popularity

South Africa’s prime new export and most prominent soccer icon, the vuvuzela, is causing world-wide headaches (some literal) to organizers of major sport events. 

The latest ban came from the Spanish city of Pamplona who will not allow any plastic trumpets at the annual running of the bulls. 

"The municipality has banned the sale of vuvuzelas in the stands set up for the San Fermin festival, due to the noise disturbance they produce," the mayor of the northern town said in a statement.


Reuters report from London that the chief organizer of the London Olympics in 2012 has already said that he does not want any of the noisy plastic trumpets at the games.  


They were also banned from the recently completed Wimbledon tennis tournament.  


"I'm a libertarian on these issues but Olympic sport is very particular and you wouldn't want anything to trespass on that extraordinary ...

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