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Whispering Wings - South Africa flag

WhisperingWings is a relaxed and informal club, where we concentrate on social flying and training. We have a large hangar, and share the clubhouse facilities on the municipal airfield with the Parys Flying Club.

Categories: Sports, Gliding

Tags: flying, clubhouse

Soaring Society of South Africa - South Africa flag

The SSSA is the legal body to which you must belong as stipulated in law by the CAA for the persuance of the sport & recreation of soaring / gliding in South Africa.

Categories: Sports, Gliding

Tags: flying, soaring society

Gariep Gliding Centre - South Africa flag

South Africa's premier sport aviation centre.

Categories: Sports, Gliding

Tags: flying

Blue Sky Paragliding - South Africa flag

Located in Kwazula Natal, South Africa offering training, tandem flying, adventure tours, and equipment sales. Provides information on the regional news and a photo gallery.

Travel Hemispheres - Uganda flag

We offer related range of African tours, uganda safaris for holiday, adventure vacations to Uganda safaris and tours to uganda

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