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Museums Online South Africa - South Africa flag

Museums Online South Africa (MOSA)™ is an established and dynamic heritage portal recognised both nationally and internationally.

Tsodilo Hills - Botswana flag

The Tsodilo Hills, within the Kalahari Desert, has the highest concentration of rock art in the world. Tsodilo was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002.

Wadi Al-Hitan (Whale Valley) - Egypt flag

"Wadi Al-Hitan, Whale Valley, in the Western Desert of Egypt, contains invaluable fossil remains of the earliest, and now extinct, suborder of whales, Archaeoceti." (whc.unesco.org)

Virunga National Park - DR Congo flag

Virunga National Park comprises an outstanding diversity of habitats, ranging from swamps and steppes to the snowfields of Rwenzori..

Rwenzori Mountains National Park - Uganda flag

"The Rwenzori Mountains National Park covers nearly 100,000 ha in western Uganda and comprises the main part of the Rwenzori mountain chain, which includes Africa's third highest peak (Mount Margherita: 5,109 m)." (whc.unesco.org)

Kgosi Bathoen II (Segopotso) Museum - Botswana flag

"The late Kgosi Bathoen II of Bangwaketse is credited for being the first person and leader to come up with the museum idea in Botswana."(mmegi.bw)

Railway Museum - Zambia flag

The Railway Museum has an interesting exhibition of the history of the railway in Southern Africa, as well as a fascinating collection of old locomotives.

Red Pepper House - Kenya flag

Red Pepper House offers just 5 exclusive Nyumbas (houses), each with the essence and luxury of Swahili culture,in natural surroundings and with views of the sea and forest, allowing you to relax and enjoy with all five of your senses.

Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve - Guinea flag

Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve is a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site in both Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire.

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