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Kazuri Beads - Kenya flag

Kazuri's hand-painted ceramic jewellery is made in Kenya.

Musée Archéologique de Larache - Morocco flag

Formerly the palace of Sultan Youssef Abdelhak el Merini between 1258 and 1281, the history of this impressive building also includes its use by the Spaniards as a setting for state occasions, as a courthouse and even as a weapons room.

African Heritage Limited - Kenya flag

Besides it’s vast collection of original works of art and tribal sculptures from all parts of Africa, African Heritage features authentic artifacts from the peoples of Kenya.

Koopmans-De Wet House - South Africa flag

This house museum was originally built as the home for a well-to-do Cape family during the late 18th century. It houses some of the best pieces of Cape furniture and silver in the country, in addition to a priceless collection of ceramics.

Kuthula Cottage - Swaziland flag

A beautiful place to appreciate tranquillity, quiet and solitude.

Pomene View Lodge - Mozambique flag

Coastal self catering family owned and run accommodation in Mozambique

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