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150 killed in Congo munitions depot blasts: EU diplomat

At least 150 people were killed in a series of explosions at a munitions depot in the Congolose capital of Brazzaville early Sunday, a European diplomat said.

Source: Daily Nation

Drummed by njoki in Drum News (Congo, Rep.) 3 years


'Short-circuit' caused Congo's deadly arms depot blasts

Huge explosions at an arms depot that killed at least 146 people in Congo's capital..

Source: BBC Africa

Drummed by Bruce in Drum News (Congo, Rep.) 3 years


Dutch Court: 3 Congolese Witnesses Can Seek Asylum

A Dutch court has ruled the government must allow three Congolese witnesses who testified before the International Criminal Court to seek asylum in the Netherlands.

Source: Voice of America

Drummed by philemon in Drum News (Congo, Rep.) 3 years, 3 months

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