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Red Sea Hijacking? Not Quite Say Officials

Eritrean forces have boarded a merchant vessel that was in their territorial waters in an incident the crew initially reported as a pirate attack, maritime officials said on Sunday. It ...

Source: GCaptain

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Eritrea’s 20th anniversary - haunted by perceptions or reality?

Eritrea celebrates its 20th anniversary of independence on Friday with state-run media describing festivities across the country. But Amnesty International has decried the alleged human rights abuses committed by the ...

Source: RFI

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Eritrea's 22nd Independence Day anniversary observed in Sudan's Kassala city

The 22nd Independence Day anniversary was observed yesterday in Kassala city, Sudan, with patriotic zeal. Speaking on the occasion in which thousands of Eritrean nationals and Sudanese comrades took part, ...

Source: Shabait

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Eritrea’s president breaks silence over army mutiny incident

Eritrean president Isaias Afewerki on Friday spoke for first time about last month’s mutiny incident in Asmara after remaining silent for three weeks. On 21 January around 200 mutinous soldiers ...

Source: Sudan Tribune

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Sudan’s Bashir concludes lightning visit to Eritrea

The Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir returned home on Saturday from Eritrea where he held talks with president Isaias Afewerki.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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Eritrea: Asmara calm after 'information ministry raid'

Eritrea's capital is calm a day after mutinous soldiers reportedly stormed the information ministry, sources say, while state TV is back on air.

Source: BBC

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Coup Attempt by Rebel Soldiers Is Said to Fail in Eritrea

Eritrea, a sliver of a nation in the Horn of Africa that is one of the most secretive and repressive countries in the world, was cast into confusion on Monday ...

Source: New York Times

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Eritrea Coup? Further Updates

Around 100 members of the Eritrean Defence force and two tanks stormed the ministry of Information head quarters in Forto just outside Asmara

Source: Martin Plaut Blog

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Reports of unrest in small African nation Eritrea

More than 100 dissident soldiers stormed the Ministry of Information in the small East African nation of Eritrea on Monday and read a statement on state TV saying the country's ...

Source: AP

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Eritrean troops lay siege to information ministry

A group of Eritrean soldiers laid siege to the information ministry on Monday and forced state media to announce a call for the release of political prisoners, a senior intelligence ...

Source: Reuters

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