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Burundi forces excluded from international force in eastern DRC

Burundi will no longer contribute troops to the international force tasked with dealing with activities of armed groups in eastern DR Congo (DRC),

Source: Afrique Jet - Africa News Information

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Burundi: Verdict in Activist's Killing Fails to Deliver Justice

In the trial of those accused of killing Ernest Manirumva, a Burundian anti-corruption activist, has been a missed opportunity to deliver justice, 20 Burundian and international nongovernmental organizations said today ...


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Six hacked to death in attack on family of Burundi 'witch'

Villagers in northeast Burundi hacked to death a woman accused of witchcraft and five members of her family, including a baby and two other children, local authorities said Sunday.

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Albino girl kidnapped and killed in Burundi

An armed gang kidnapped, killed and dismembered an albino girl in what was Burundi's 18th such slaying in less than four years, officials said Sunday.

Source: AFP

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Report: In Burundi, Hundreds of Extrajudicial Killings

Human Rights Watch (HRW) released an 81-page report on Wednesday in the capital, Bujumbura, documenting scores of killings by state agents and rebel groups.

Source: VOA News

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Rwanda: Country-Burundi Highway Project Gets U.S.$ 11 Million Boost

Another section of the trans-national Bujumbura-Rusizi-Karongi-Rubavu highway will be built after an $11 million agreement was signed last Wednesday between the Government of Rwanda and the OPEC Fund for International ...


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Burundi death squads killed 300 in five months

Government-backed death squads have killed more than 300 members of Burundi's former rebel group and opposition supporters in covert operations over the past five months, a rights group said Tuesday.

Source: Daily Nation

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Burundi government says 18 rebels killed in clash

Burundi security forces shot dead 18 "armed bandits" in clashes in the eastern province of Cankuzo on Monday, the local governor told AFP. A group of armed men attacked a ...

Source: AFP

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Burundi leader fires six ministers for poor work

Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza has sacked six ministers from his cabinet for poor performance, his spokesman said.

Source: Reuters

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Burundi President: Gatumba Massacre Suspects Arrested

Burundi's president says his government has arrested several suspects in the massacre of 36 people at a Gatumba pub, after he had vowed the case would be solved within a ...

Source: VOA

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