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Nine executed in Gambia, says Amnesty International

Amnesty International says it has received "credible reports" that Gambia executed nine death row prisoners on Thursday.

Source: BBC news

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Gambian becomes ICC prosecutor

Fatou Bensouda, a former Gambian justice minister, has been sworn in as the International Criminal Court's new chief prosecutor in The Hague. She becomes the first African to hold the ...

Source: BBC news

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Gambian lawyer Fatou Bensouda ready to rule The Hague

When the new prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) was invited to sit by the journalists who came to interview her, she looked down and proclaimed, “The hot seat!”

Source: Radio Netherlands

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Gambia's Yahya Jammeh ready for 'billion-year' rule

The Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh has told the BBC that he will rule for "one billion years", if God wills.

Source: BBC

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Gambia: Fatou Bensouda: The woman who might save the ICC in Africa

Fatou Bensouda’s impending appointment as chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court might be exactly what the beleaguered institution needs to revive its reputation on the continent.

Source: Daily Maverick

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Gambia's Fatou Bensouda to be new ICC chief prosecutor

Fatou Bensouda is set to be named the new International Criminal Court chief prosecutor, diplomats say.

Source: BBC

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Gambia: African secures ICC prosecutor's post

International Criminal Court countries on Wednesday agreed to nominate Fatou Bensouda of Gambia as chief prosecutor for the main war crimes tribunal, diplomats said.

Source: New24

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Gambia: Radio One FM, Independent Newspaper Arsonists, And Ghanaian Killers Named!

The self confessed Jammeh hit man, who recently exposed the killers of ....

Source: Freedom Newspaper

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Gambia Sentences 8 Foreign Drug Traffickers to 50 Years

A court in Gambia has sentenced eight foreigners to 50 years in prison each for trying to traffic more than two tons of cocaine thorough the West African country.

Source: VOA

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President Jammeh builds $2.5M mansion in Guinea

Consistent with The Gambia Echo’s relentless efforts in exposing the utterly criminal character of Gambia’s kleptocratic leader ...

Source: The Gambia Echo

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