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Five injured as UN vehicle in Mali hits landmine

Five members of the UN mission in Mali were injured Monday when their vehicle ran over a landmine planted in the northeastern rebel bastion of Kidal, the stabilisation mission said. ...

Source: Reliefweb

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Desert gives Al Qaida refuge after Mali defeat

Tabu militia leader Eissa Abdel Majid on Sept. 22, 2013 warns in his headquarters at Sebha that al-Qaida forces are buying weapons from the area and building up their strength. ...

Source: AP

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Mali, Niger evacuate citizens from Central African Republic

African countries have started evacuating their citizens from the Central African Republic in recent days amid deteriorating humanitarian conditions and inter-religious violence. A Muslim group, the Seleka, set off a ...

Source: Reuters

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Mali's coup leader Sanogo charged with murders

Mali's ex-coup leader has been charged with "murders and assassinations", the justice ministry has said. Armed troops went to Amadou Sanogo's home to take him before a judge, after which ...

Source: BBC

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Mali on security alert for parliamentary elections

Mali is on security alert for parliamentary elections, the second nationwide poll since a French military intervention against Islamist militants in the north earlier this year. Mali held a peaceful ...

Source: BBC

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Mali's president replaces junta-linked army chief

Mali's President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has replaced the head of the army, further marginalizing officers involved in a coup that helped plunge the West African nation into turmoil last year.

Source: Reuters

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Mali unrest: Kidal's deadly race riots

At least one person has been killed in Mali's northern town of Kidal, following ethnic clashes between Tuaregs and black civilians, ahead of elections next week. Tuareg rebels held the ...

Source: BBC

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Mali Army Captain Apologizes for Coup

The army officer behind last year's destabilizing coup in Mali has asked the Malian people for forgiveness. Captain Amadou Haya Sanogo issued an apology for his actions late Wednesday at ...

Source: VOA

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Mali: Telegraph finds al-Qaeda plan in Timbuktu

A secret document revealing how al-Qaeda in north Africa planned to seize "command" of the jihadist struggle in the Sahara has been found by The Daily Telegraph in Timbuktu. Telegraph ...

Source: The Telegraph

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Paratroops mutiny in Bamako in blow to Mali security efforts

Malian government soldiers fought mutinous paratroops in the capital Bamako on Friday in a clash that threatened to undermine a French-led military operation to drive al Qaeda-allied Islamist rebels from ...

Source: Reuters

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