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Cameroon: Ivorian journalist mistaken for Gbagbo minister arrested

Ivorian journalist Marc Blanchard, who has been in exile in Cameroon, was arrested in the Yaounde Hilton after being mistaken for former Budget minister Koné Katinan.

Source: Africa Review

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Cape Verde pays homage to Mandela

Cape Verde has decided to re-name its Praia International Airport after South Africa's former president ...

Source: Mail & Guardian Online

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Cape Verde’s Pires Discusses Post-Prize Plans

Cape Verde's former president, Pedro Pires, who won a a $5-million prize for good governance in Africa, says he will use the money to help “fulfill some ideas and dreams. ...

Source: VOA

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Cape Verde: African governance - Mo prize money

The Mo Ibrahim prize for "achievement in African leadership" has been awarded to Pedro Verona Pires

Source: The Economist

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Cape Verde's Pires wins African governance award

Former Cape Verde president Pedro Verona Pires won the $5 million Mo Ibrahim award...

Source: Reuters Africa

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