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Sudan’s security authorities confiscate three newspapers

Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) has confiscated Tuesday issue of Al-Sahafa, Al-Ayam, and Alwan daily newspapers without stating reasons. However, several journalists said the newspapers were most likely ...

Source: Sudan Tribune

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Sudan's entrepreneurs face their dragons in TV show

The lights are up, the camera is on and the stage is set. Twelve young contestants are preparing to battle it out on TV for a cash prize and the ...

Source: BBC

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Bloomberg correspondent flees Sudan amid threats to safety

A Bloomberg correspondent working in Sudan has reportedly fled the country in fear of his life after being threatened and assaulted by authorities while covering an anti-government protest, the New ...

Source: Sudan Tribune

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Sudan detains two Eritrean journalists

Sudanese authorities have detained without charge since Monday two Eritrean journalists, Abdalal Mahmoud Hiabu and Haroun Adam, from the Sudan-based Eritrean Centre for Media Services, according to local journalists, family, ...

Source: CPJ

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Sudan seizes Sunday papers

Sudanese security forces have confiscated the Sunday editions of two newspapers, editors said, the latest in a crackdown that has hobbled the country's independent media.

Source: News 24

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Sudanese Journalists March in Protest

More than 100 Sudanese journalists took to the streets Wednesday to protest the deteriorating press freedom in the country.

Source: VOA

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Sudan expels journalist, condemned for crackdown on activists

Sudanese security authorities have been actively harassing and arresting activists and journalists over the past ten days of growing protests in the country.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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Sudan warns journalists against contacting rebel leaders

The speaker of Sudan’s National Assembly, Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Tahir, has accused journalists who contact rebel leaders of committing “high-treason,” stressing the need to bar publishing of rebels’ viewpoints in local ...

Source: Sudan Tribune

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Sudan shuts down independent paper

Sudanese security officers on Tuesday shut down the independent Al-Jarida newspaper, its editor told AFP, in what rights groups say is the latest sign of increasing political repression.

Source: News24

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Sudan confiscates daily newspaper, local group says

Sudanese security authorities on Thursday blocked the publication of the privately owned daily Al-Sahafah, according to a local lobby group. The Network of Sudanese Journalists (SJN) on Friday released a ...

Source: Sudan Tribune

Drummed by akech in Drum Media (Sudan) 5 years, 4 months

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