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French court sentences Rwandan ex-soldier for genocide role

A Paris court sentenced a former Rwandan soldier to 25 years in jail on Friday for his role in Rwanda's 1994 genocide, in France's first trial to punish those responsible ...

Source: Reuters

Drummed by sacre in Drum Human Rights (Rwanda) 11 months, 2 weeks


Key players in the Oscar Pistorius trial

Profiles of the judge, the prosecutor and the defence lawyer in the trial of Oscar Pistorius, which starts on Monday.

Source: The Guardian

Drummed by Sedicka in Drum Human Rights (South Africa) 12 months


Oscar Pistorius: will one of most hyped murder trials in history be fair?

As an international media circus gathers and rolling TV coverage is planned, the frenzy of tweeting and commentary will put South Africa's justice system under close scrutiny. "The Oscar Pistorius ...

Source: The Guardian

Drummed by Sedicka in Drum Human Rights (South Africa) 12 months


Nigerian Activists Fear New Wave of Homophobia

Nigerian activists say anti-gay legislation passed this year has sparked mob violence, blackmail, homelessness and joblessness among gays across the country. The legislation is somewhat different than the anti-homosexuality law ...

Source: VOA

Drummed by Mona in Drum Human Rights (Nigeria) 12 months


Museveni responds to Obama on anti-gay bill

Uganda's President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has responded to criticisms from the USA, where President Barrack Obama said passing the anti-homosexuality law would complicate relations between the two countries. "I would ...

Source: New Vision

Drummed by Mona in Drum Human Rights (Uganda) 1 year


Museveni to sign anti-gay law after all

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said on Friday he would sign a controversial anti-gay bill into law, warning that those who promoted homosexuality would be dealt with harshly. Museveni last month ...

Source: News 24

Drummed by Rachel in Drum Human Rights (Uganda) 1 year


Niger extradites former Gaddafi intelligence official to Libya

Niger's government has extradited Abdallah Mansour, a former top Libyan intelligence official under toppled President Muammar Gaddafi, to Libya on suspicion of plotting against the government in Tripoli, military sources ...

Source: Reuters

Drummed by Mona in Drum Human Rights (Libya , Niger) 1 year


FGM has not place in 2014. Here are five ways you can help eradicate FGM…

Female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as female genital cutting (FGC), affects more than 125 million girls and women all over the world, with long-lasting and devastating consequences. FGM involves ...

Source: Girleffect

Drummed by Estelle in Drum Human Rights 1 year


President Kiir protests ICC intervention

The President of the Republic on Thursday protested against International Criminal Court or ICC intervention in the investigation of human rights violations in South Sudan in the aftermath the mid ...

Source: Catholic Radio Network

Drummed by Rachel in Drum Human Rights (South Sudan) 1 year


Angelique Kidjo on African anti-gay laws

Christiane Amanpour speaks with Grammy award-winning, Beninoise singer Angelique Kidjo about homophobia in Africa, and the large number of anti-gay laws enacted by African countries.

Source: CNN

Drummed by Rachel in Drum Human Rights 1 year

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