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The Sun Rescues Rural Cameroonians from “Incessant Darkness”

In the small farming village of Sabongari, in Cameroon’s North West Region, the need for kerosene to light bush lamps and petrol to run electric generators has been replaced by ...

Source: IPS News Agency

Drummed by Yvette in Drum Environment (Cameroon) 1 year, 8 months


Poachers Kill 200 Elephants in Cameroon

A wildlife group says poachers in Cameroon have slaughtered at least 200 elephants for their tusks ...

Source: Voice of America News

Drummed by Lufto in Drum Environment (Cameroon) 2 years, 5 months


Cameroon: Palm Oil Project Threatens People and the Rainforest

Plans are in place to clear the diverse rainforest ecosystem in Southwest Cameroon to make room for oil palm plantations.

Source: Rainforest Rescue

Drummed by Hendrix in Drum Environment (Cameroon) 3 years


Cameroon fights against poaching

Twenty elephant tusks were seized aboard a truck in Ntam, a village located in the East Region of Cameroon, on the border with the Republic of Congo. The tusks were ...

Source: Africa News

Drummed by meidcsjnxu in Drum Environment (Cameroon) 3 years, 4 months


Cameroon Lays Claim To Obudu Ranch

The ownership of a popular holiday resort in Nigeria in dispute.

Source: Leadership Nigeria

Drummed by Sharon in Drum Environment (Cameroon) 4 years

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