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Nile dam study fails to stem the tide of Egyptian indignation towards Ethiopia

Claim and counter-claim has attended the delayed publication of a report on the likely impact of the Grand Renaissance dam. The opening sentence of Egypt's new constitution describes the country ...

Source: The Guardian

Drummed by Mona in Drum Environment (Egypt, Ethiopia) 2 years, 9 months


Burundi floods: Many dead in Bujumbura

At least 50 people are reported to have died after floods and landslides hit the Burundi capital, Bujumbura. The BBC's Cyiriaque Muhawenayo in the city says it is not yet ...

Source: BBC

Drummed by Mona in Drum Environment (Burundi) 2 years, 11 months


Egypt Ready To Escalate Actions Against Ethiopia’s Peaceful Nile Dam Project

After all attempts to solve the Egyptian-Ethiopian crisis over the Renaissance Dam at the negotiating table ended in failure after a third round of negotiations on Jan. 4, with Egypt ...

Source: African Globe

Drummed by Mona in Drum Environment (Egypt, Ethiopia) 3 years


Kenya: Power crisis looms as poor rains lead to low dam levels

Kenya could be plugged into a power shortage crisis unless the expected long rains fall in time and in adequate amount. In what continues to be an indictment of the ...

Source: Daily Nation

Drummed by Mona in Drum Environment (Kenya) 3 years


Global warming and energy – intertwined problems in Africa

Kenya is training for tomorrow's technology leaders to deal with today's climate and energy problems.

Source: The Guardian

Drummed by Jimmy in Drum Environment (Kenya) 3 years


Four new nature reserves for Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism MEC Mcebisi Jonas has approved the declaration of the Lambasi Nature Reserve in the Mhlontlo Local Municipality and three others across the ...

Source: News 24

Drummed by Sedicka in Drum Environment (South Africa) 3 years


Cairo snow: Egyptian capital sees snowfall for the first time in 112 YEARS

It is a city known for being hot and stuffy. But as these incredible pictures show, Cairo has an altogether different look today. The Egyptian capital has seen snowfall for ...

Source: Mirror

Drummed by Rachel in Drum Environment (Egypt) 3 years, 1 month


Nile Talks Highlight Ethiopian, Egyptian Split

Water ministers from Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan are meeting in Khartoum to try to resolve differences over Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam. Egyptian officials remain worried the Nile project threatens the nation's ...

Source: VOA

Drummed by Rachel in Drum Environment (Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan) 3 years, 1 month


Africa Faces $350 Billion a Year Adaptation Cost as Planet Warms

Africa faces costs to adapt to the effects of climate change that will rise to $350 billion a year by the 2070s if governments fail to rein in runaway emissions, ...

Source: Bloomberg

Drummed by Rachel in Drum Environment 3 years, 2 months


Namibia's Skeleton Coast: The most pristine place in Africa?

Portuguese sailors called it the Gates of Hell. Namibia's Bushmen speak of the land God made in anger. From the air, the bleak shoreline of the Skeleton Coast looks wonderful ...

Source: CNN

Drummed by sacre in Drum Environment (Namibia) 3 years, 2 months

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