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Political families own half of private wealth in Kenya

The Kenyatta, Moi, Kibaki, Karume, Kulei, Biwott, Nyachae, Odinga, Saitoti, Michuki and Mwau families are listed among the wealthiest in Kenya. Other large individual land owners include Mr Swaleh Nguru, ...

Source: Daily Nation

Drummed by Jimmy in Drum Business (Kenya) 2 years, 11 months


Kenya's battle to end 'sex for fish' trade

The shores of Lake Victoria in western Kenya bustle with business - wooden fishing boats competing for space, carrying in the morning catch of tilapia, perch or catfish. Under the ...

Source: BBC

Drummed by sacre in Drum Business (Kenya) 2 years, 11 months


Move over quinoa, Ethiopia's teff poised to be next big super grain

Rich in calcium, iron and protein, gluten-free teff offers Ethiopia the promise of new and lucrative markets in the west. Ethiopia is one of the world's poorest countries, well-known for ...

Source: The Guardian

Drummed by Rachel in Drum Business (Ethiopia) 2 years, 12 months


Low investment in agriculture leaves Africa hungry and also food insecure

Africa is in a net food deficit position with food imports growing at 3.4 per cent per year between 1980 and 2007. Agriculture, which employs more than 70 per cent ...

Source: The East African

Drummed by sacre in Drum Business 2 years, 12 months


Best to postpone South Sudan EAC bid

This month an East African Community (EAC) negotiating team was supposed to be in Juba to verify with various senior officials South Sudan’s application to join the economic bloc. Considering ...

Source: East African Business Week

Drummed by Rachel in Drum Business (South Sudan) 3 years


Ethiopia: The last big untapped African market

Vibrant, growing and on the radar of many top executives – Ethiopia has come a long way. Zemedeneh Negatu, Managing Partner EY Ethiopia and Head of Transaction Advisory Services, explains ...

Source: The Reporter Ethiopia

Drummed by Rachel in Drum Business (Ethiopia) 3 years


Regional projects at risk as Juba, CAR, DR Congo conflicts take toll on bloc

The conflicts in the three countries have left the eastern Africa region facing one of the biggest threats to stability in recent times, an issue that is likely to push ...

Source: The East African

Drummed by Rachel in Drum Business (Botswana, Central African Republic, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda) 3 years


Jeffrey Wright’s Gold Mine in Sierra Leone

Wright is an actor who lives in Brooklyn. He has won a Tony, an Emmy and a Golden Globe and most recently appeared as Beetee in “The Hunger Games: Catching ...

Source: New York Times

Drummed by Rachel in Drum Business (Sierra Leone) 3 years


Kenya on fast track to join world’s top oil producers

Turkana County could be holding well over a billion barrels of oil, which have the potential to place the region as a key oil province globally. This is after British ...

Source: Standard Digital

Drummed by Mona in Drum Business (Kenya) 3 years


South Sudan conflict hurting Uganda’s economy, says UPC

The delay to resolve the ongoing impasse in South Sudan will affect the country’s revenue base, the Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) has said. According to Mr Lucima Okello, the UPC ...

Source: Daily Monitor

Drummed by aster in Drum Business (South Sudan, Uganda) 3 years

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