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Tey by Alan Gomis

Senegalese arts and handicrafts on Goree Island

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4 April 1960 (from France); complete independence achieved upon dissolution of federation with Mali on 20 August 1960



Main cities

Diourbel, Kolda, Kaolack, Louga, Roufisque, Saint-Louis, Touba, Thies, Tambacounda, Ziguinchor


196 840 sq km (76,000 sq miles)


12 853 259 (Estimate 2008)

Main languages

French (official), Wolof, Pulaar, Jola, Mandinka


Muslim 94%, Christian 5% (mostly Roman Catholic), indigenous beliefs 1%


Wolof 43.3%, Fulani 23.8%, Serer 14.7%, Diola 3.7%, Mandingo 3%, Soninke 1.1%, European and Lebanese 1%, other 9.4%

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Etoile de Dakar

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Music in Senegal

The music scene in Senegal is highly dynamic, with a rich blend of strong traditional rythms and modern musical trends. Roote...

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Introduction to Senegal

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Very much like its gentle, rhythmic musical heritage that has captured the world, Senegal has been a stable and prosperous beat in the heart of West Africa.

Hailed as a model democracy with stable transitions of power, the country does struggle with poverty and unemployment. However, this former French colony has largely avoided the mould of violent military conflict, coups and corruption that has plagued so many of its neighbors.

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Tey by Alan Gomis

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Senegalese director Alain Gomis' 3rd feature film titled Tey (Aujourd'hui in French, or Today in English) about a young man who...

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