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Wall hanging charting the Fon Kings Aborney people (Benin)

Art and Life in Burkina Faso

Ethiopian Christian Church Art

Ethiopia Harrar Gourmet Coffee

Angola Marimba

Karibu mosaic welcome sign

Essential Facts:


1 October 1960 (from UK)



Main cities

Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Enugu, Kaduna


924 000 sq km (356 700 sq. miles)


140 million (2006)

Main languages

English (official), Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo (Ibo), Fulani


Muslim 50%, Christian 40%, Indigenous beliefs 10%


More than 250 ethnic groups, including Hausa and Fulani 29%, Yoruba 21%, Ibo 18%, Ijaw 10%, Kanuri 4%, Ibibio 3.5%, Tiv 2.5%


Naira (NGN)

Calling Code


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Calabar Jazz Festival 2013

Nigeria »

Film & Music in Nigeria

  Photo Credits: Calabar Jazz Festival 2013 Dear Visitor
 Thank you for vis...

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Introduction to Nigeria

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Nigeria is situated in West Africa, between Benin, Niger, Cameroon and Chad and flanked by the Gulf of Guinea. 

The country takes its name from the Niger River, whose giant delta features tropical rain forests and mangrove swamps. Nigeria has a beautiful landscape as varied as its population, with hills, waterfalls, springs, lakes, mountains and beaches in the south and central parts giving way to arid plains in the north.

The country is a Federal Republic ...

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Nigeria Updates

Freda Ruth Murray-Bruce, Director General for the Bayelsa State Investment  Promotion Agency

Nigeria »

Bayelsa State, Nigeria Brings Wealth of Investment Opportunity, official ...

Bayelsa State, located in the heart of the West African rainforest in the Niger Delta, is a potential tourism and investment haven, richly endowed with natural resources.

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Nigeria News

Jonathan Bad luck

Nigeria »

Nigeria: Small earthquake, President slightly hurt


Disarray and defections are undermining the governing party and the President but don’t yet put the opposition clearly in the lead »

Jonathan Goodluck

Nigeria »

Nigeria: Jonathan’s dialogue plan outflanks rebels


As the political class gets drawn into presidential plans for a national conference, the rebel state governors are running out of options »

Party Affiliations of Nigeria's State Governors

Nigeria »

Nigeria: Inside the presidential fight


Opponents – within and outside the ruling party – are undercutting President Jonathan’s authority as he prepares for the 2015 elections »


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The African Renaissance

Nigeria »

The African Renaissance

Arts. Literature. Entertainment. Lifestyle. Culture

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