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Paradise Lost: Diego Garcia, the biggest of the Chagos Islands. Photograph by Jeff Laitila.

Mauritius »

Chagos Islanders Lose the European Court Battle but the Struggle ...

Think Africa Press - JAMES WAN

Former residents of the Chagos Islands have lost their latest legal bid for the right to return following a European ruling. What next for the islanders? »

Eastleigh's First Avenue after a deluge. Photograph by Neil Carrier.

Kenya »

Welcome to Eastleigh, Kenya's Most Unlikely Holiday Destination

Think Africa Press - NEIL CARRIER

With its sewage-flooded roads and dangerous reputation, Eastleigh may not be top of most tourist lists. But there are some around the world who just can't keep away. »

The South Sudanese flag flies at independence in 2011. Photograph by Arsenie Coseac.

South Sudan »

Donor-Driven Technical Fixes Failed South Sudan: It’s Time to Get ...

Think Africa Press - SARA PANTULIANO

While commentators argue about who or what is most at fault for South Sudan's return to conflict, one thing is clear: the international community is not free from blame. »

President Ahmed Sékou Touré of Guinea arrives in the US in 1982. Photograph by William Firaneck

Guinea »

Sékou Touré: Guinea's Hardline Hero or Visionary Villain?

Think Africa Press - MOHAMED CAMARA

“We prefer poverty in liberty to riches in slavery," Sékou Touré famously told Guinea's colonial masters. But under his own long rule many liberties were withheld. »

A more hopeful time: a woman votes in South Sudan independence referendum, January 2011. Credit: Paul Harera/Think Africa Press

South Sudan »

Experts Weekly: South Sudan in Violent Crisis

Think Africa Press - JAMES SCHNEIDER

A long running political struggle at the top of the ruling SPLM has degenerated into violence that risks civil war. Think Africa Press asks seven experts for analysis and what ... »

Nelson Mandela

South Africa »

South Africa: When the clouds cried


The nation’s grief at the loss of its founding father was brusquely interrupted by the next struggle for power »

Jonathan Bad luck

Nigeria »

Nigeria: Small earthquake, President slightly hurt


Disarray and defections are undermining the governing party and the President but don’t yet put the opposition clearly in the lead »

Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg in 2008. Photograph by South Africa The Good News.

South Africa »

Nelson Mandela, 18.07.1918 - 5.12.2013

Think Africa Press - PAUL MAYLAM

Nelson Mandela may well be remembered as a hero, but his politics and manner were more human, humble and humane than heroic. »

Canal Walk food court at a mall in Cape Town, South Africa. Photograph by Damien du Toit.

Africa »

Africa Widening

Think Africa Press - DOREEN AKIYO YOMOAH

Africa may or may not be “rising” but it's certainly widening. Obesity is on the rise, and is rising fast. »

Jemo, a predominantly Somali neighbourhood on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. Photograph by Benno Muchler.

Ethiopia »

Suspicious Minds: Ethiopians Told to Keep an Eye Out for ...

Think Africa Press - BENNO MUCHLER

The Ethiopian government has warned that al-Shabaab could target Ethiopia next. What could this mean for relations between Ethiopians and the country's Somali minority? »

President Compaoré addresses the Security Council Summit in 2009. Photo by UN Photo/Erin Siegal

Burkina Faso »

Burkina Faso: How Much Longer Can Compaoré Rule Last?

Think Africa Press -  PETER DÖRRIE 

After 25 years of President Compaoré, it is unclear if 2015 elections will see change or the extension of Compaoré family rule. »

Pastoralist Mbororo-Fulani working with cattle in the Bamenda Highlands of Cameroon. Photograph by Dave Price

Cameroon »

Cameroon Pastoralists Fight for their Way of Life

Think Africa Press - Kaitlin Cordes

After years of struggles against governments and private parties, the Mbororo-Fulani are gaining international attention. But is this too little too late? »

Women in Ruyigi, Burundi. Photograph by UN Photo/Martine Perret.

Burundi »

Backing the Taxman in Burundi

Think Africa Press - EDWARD PAICE

Since implementing a range of measures in 2009, Burundi has managed to boost its tax revenues considerably. But this is no time for complacency. »

Bone dry. Dead Vlei, Sossusvlei, Namibia Naukluft National Park. Credit: Romulo Rejon

Namibia »

Drought in Namibia: Snapshot of the Future?

Think Africa Press - DOMINIC FARRELL

Namibia is facing what could be its most severe drought in thirty years. The immediate crisis is serious, but it underlines the importance of Namibia’s efforts to become climate-resilient. »

An Su-30 fighter jet taking off. Photograph by Bryan Jones.

Angola »

We Buy Any Jet: Why is Angola Buying Hand-Me-Down Military ...


Despite being sold outdated and sometimes substandard equipment, arms deals remain central to Russian-African relations. »

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