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Wall hanging charting the Fon Kings Aborney people (Benin)

Art and Life in Burkina Faso

Ethiopian Christian Church Art

Ethiopia Harrar Gourmet Coffee

Angola Marimba

Karibu mosaic welcome sign

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Essential Africa: Top Agriculture Blogs

Africa »

Top blogs on agriculture in Africa

Agriculture is Africa's trending topic. Who to follow in the blogosphere?

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Cutting edge genetic technology has a big role to play in the eradication of hunger and achievement of food security in Africa.

Africa »

Breeding out hunger and malnutrition

FARA - AASW blog/ Bunmi Ajilore

Cutting edge genetic technology has a big role to play in the eradication of hunger and achievement of food...

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South Sudan’s SPLM rival leaders commit themselves to end war

South Sudan president Salva Kiir and his former deputy and current rebel leader, Riek Machar, agreed on Friday to stop fighting and to allow humanitarian access to the affected civilians. ...

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Western countries regret support for South Sudan’s secession: Bashir

The Sudanese president, Omer Hassan Al-Bashir, said that several Western countries which encouraged South Sudan’s independence have apologised for their actions and urged Khartoum to reunite with the newborn state.

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Tunisian president cuts own pay by two-thirds

Moncef Marzouki says the state has to be a model to deal with the country's deteriorating financial situation. Tunisia's President Moncef Marzouki has said that he will take a two-thirds ...

Africa Issues

A compilation in aid of the refugees from northern Mali

Mali »

Review: Songs for Desert Refugees

Think Africa Press - CLYDE MACFARLANE

An album to raise money for north Malian refugees brings together some of the best desert rockers.

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Africa News

Paradise Lost: Diego Garcia, the biggest of the Chagos Islands. Photograph by Jeff Laitila.

Mauritius »

Chagos Islanders Lose the European Court Battle but the Struggle ...

Think Africa Press - JAMES WAN

Former residents of the Chagos Islands have lost their latest legal bid for the right to return following a European ruling. What next for the islanders? »

Eastleigh's First Avenue after a deluge. Photograph by Neil Carrier.

Kenya »

Welcome to Eastleigh, Kenya's Most Unlikely Holiday Destination

Think Africa Press - NEIL CARRIER

With its sewage-flooded roads and dangerous reputation, Eastleigh may not be top of most tourist lists. But there are some around the world who just can't ke... »

The South Sudanese flag flies at independence in 2011. Photograph by Arsenie Coseac.

South Sudan »

Donor-Driven Technical Fixes Failed South Sudan: It’s Time to Get...

Think Africa Press - SARA PANTULIANO

While commentators argue about who or what is most at fault for South Sudan's return to conflict, one thing is clear: the international community is not free... »

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Marine Mammals Safari

Mayotte »

Safari in Mayotte

Going on a safari in Mayotte is completely different from what a usual safari implies. A safari in Mayotte comprises of a clo...

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Pingouin Car Rental Mauritius

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Pingouin Car Rental

A car rental company based in Mauritius with a strong reputation for its clean cars and good service quality

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